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So. Uh. I don't do graphic design anymore. I'm in school again, but this time for illustration and animation. I haven't touched Flash in two years. I'm pretty sure I forgot what little I knew. Maybe. Maybe I'll start over! A new name, a fresh start! Yeah! FUCK YOU DICKHOLES, I'm out!

So, remember that video I said I was working on? I lied. I worked on it for hours the day I made that post, and just started working on it again today. GODDAMNIT.
On a higher note, I've been doing Flash intros for websites now. I'll get links up later, so that when I check to see that nobody read my posts, I can just look at my work straight from here and turn that frown upside down!
My PC is shit. Officially. Plus, my "fffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff " key is broken. GAWD. Annoying. I think once I get a new job (instead of just doing freelance) my first priority is to get a new computer.
Looks like I'll be stickin' to the 'ol Macbook Pro. My $3000 piece of happiness.
So goddamn overpriced...

Mumble mumble...

Update on Awesome shock.

2008-08-28 02:55:08 by KimKilledPacho

......FUCK IT!
I'm fucking done. It's not really going right anyway. I'm not gonna post it. It will remain a mangled pile of scrap and shitty ideas. I just give up.
It's too much like Egoraptor's old work, and his new work is so much better, so forget it.

I have a new idea. All my own. All much better. It's much more serious, but I'm going to put my full weight into it.

Also, I'm now a contracted Graphic Designer!
Things are looking up!

See? I am working on it. More as it develops...

Here is the proof that I am working on Awesome-shock.

Alright. So, I got off my ass and started working on Awesome-shock yesterday. While trying to look for a job, it's hard to work on this, but I think I could have it done in the next week, if I work at least 1 or 2 hours a day. Let's keep dem fingers crossed.

So, now I'm working NO jobs, and I still can't seem to make myself work on this. Oh well. I'll try. I'm sad. :(

I'm SO Goddamn Busy!

2008-06-29 16:36:46 by KimKilledPacho

I haven't been able to really work on my flash lately. I've been building websites and working two (count 'em) TWO jobs right now, so my free time is cut short. Also, my brother and I are writing a CD together. It's pretty cool. Hopefully I'll put together some sort of awesome movie soon.
I don't want to COPY Egoraptor, I just idolize him as an animator and want to show my love.


So, I've actually put up several flashes now, and can see the way I've improved certain elements of my... "flash making". Movie clips! I understand them! Masking! I understand it! Buttons! Whattons? BUTTONS MOTHER FUCKER! I GET IT. My teacher actually asks ME for help in class... I've only been doing this for 4 months! He has at least 5 years on me! WHAAAAAAAAAA

I have begun work on my "epic". Also, I have not even touched my Crackdown flash. Fuck. The game just keeps getting older. I'll do it. I promise!


:) I'm in a good mood.

Boom, psh. Boom, psh.

2008-03-30 20:12:06 by KimKilledPacho

So... I've been sick. So so sick. I haven't been able to work on flash much lately. I feel terrible.
BUT! I finally found some direction with my Crackdown project.
And with my second short.
And with... OTHER STUFF.

Things are starting to pick up though. Even with school and two jobs, I think I'll have a new one up in a couple of days.




2008-03-21 11:08:20 by KimKilledPacho

MAAAAN that Mountain Dew video took forever. I'm really just glad to be done with it. There are little things I learned (like too much blur filter equals SLOW FLASH), but all of that is just making me better.

I also spend a few hours yesterday on a short flash called "I'm Trusting You". It taught me some bits about animation that I may use later in my work.

Also, I am now announcing...


Yes, I will be putting up shorts for the next couple of weeks as I get them done. Just short, humorous clips as I think of them (some may not be appropriate for all audiences blah blah blah poop.)