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I don't know why I make posts. No one reads them. :(

2008-07-13 01:14:41 by KimKilledPacho

So, now I'm working NO jobs, and I still can't seem to make myself work on this. Oh well. I'll try. I'm sad. :(


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2008-07-13 01:16:29

don't be sad, lil' n00b. LOL. shit will get better.


2008-07-13 01:21:20

Noone reads them...... THAT WAS UNTIL TODAY!!!

Suddenly someone read one of KimKilledPacho posts and it led him on to achieving great things in the world of Flash. He won the Nobel Flash PriZe and became the greatest artist that ever lived.

Cheer up buddy, keep up the good work. Keep working hard in Flash, remember trial and error is the way to success. Even the best Flash artists get extremely frustrated at times, don't get discouraged.


2008-07-17 03:30:09

I read your post. I guess I'm no one. *sob*