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Hey, guess what 'nobody'? I'm not dead.

2008-10-20 03:55:59 by KimKilledPacho

So, remember that video I said I was working on? I lied. I worked on it for hours the day I made that post, and just started working on it again today. GODDAMNIT.
On a higher note, I've been doing Flash intros for websites now. I'll get links up later, so that when I check to see that nobody read my posts, I can just look at my work straight from here and turn that frown upside down!
My PC is shit. Officially. Plus, my "fffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff " key is broken. GAWD. Annoying. I think once I get a new job (instead of just doing freelance) my first priority is to get a new computer.
Looks like I'll be stickin' to the 'ol Macbook Pro. My $3000 piece of happiness.
So goddamn overpriced...

Mumble mumble...


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